We are your HYDRAULIC Hammer Superstore™
proudly serving customers for over 50 years.

The HAMMER DEPOT has the largest stock of Hydraulic Hammers of many different brands ready for shipment from our depots in North America and Europe. We also carry a multi-million dollar inventory of quality parts for many brands of hydraulic hammers

You can choose from hundreds of Hammers, Rebuilt, used hydraulic hammers, Zero-to-Low Hour Hydraulic Hammers, and ex rental hydraulic hammers. We are your hydraulic hammer specialist

The HAMMER DEPOT also carries a large stock of New, Rebuilt and Unused Hydraulic Compactors. We have a wide range of sizes and models to meet the specifications of your job applications. Contact us today for more information regarding our range of Hydraulic Compactors, we will happily assist you.

The HAMMER DEPOT is now proud to carry the Vibratec Range of High Durability Rubber Cushion Mounts, to fit various equipment such as Hydraulic Hammers, Hydraulic Compactors, Asphalt Pavers, Vibratory Rollers, Plate Compactors, Cold Milling Machines, Hydraulic Excavators, Piling Hammers and Trench Compactors. Please visit our Rubber Parts Section for more information.

Free shipping on most orders of $300 or more within Continental USA and Canada. We deliver direct to your door. See our online listings of hydraulic hammers and call toll free 1.877.426.6373.

Tell us about your carrier machine, your job application and your budget and we will advise you with the best of our ability as to which hydraulic hammers are best suited to your job. Bigger is not always better. Call us and we will help you save money.

We are independent and sell many different brands of hydraulic hammers. We are not contractually bound to only one hydraulic hammer manufacturer so we give you much more choice.